Bradly Gunn is a Seattle based artist whose current creative practice enriches everyday experiences by interpreting the palimpsestic layers of spatial environments.  Visually striking and rich with ambiguity, his creative efforts exhibit the process of thoughtfully curating and uncurating the adjacencies of visual concepts. His paintings and installations often incorporate found objects or decommissioned spaces; both are characteristically expressive, richly textured, and capitalize on the empowering sense of discovery.
Working in a great diversity of mediums he focuses on unique and thoughtful projects. As a co-founder of the Seattle Demo Project and active member of SOIL, an artist-run gallery, he has received regional design awards, earned his inclusion on competitive artists rosters and successfully completed various public art projects.

He was born in Georgia, grew up in the Northwest and was home-schooled for the majority of his youth in the South Cascades of Washington State.